What is IntelliSense™ Technology and how does it work?

IntelliSense™ technology is Wagner Meters’ proprietary technology that equips their moisture meters to measure moisture IN the wood, not ON the wood. Most pinless meters cannot distinguish between moisture conditions on the wood surface and the true moisture picture in the wood. With some meters, a person can get a false high reading even though the wood is actually dry. Wagner Meters uses

Wagner Meters uses electromagnetic field (EMF) technology to measure deep into the wood. IntelliSense™ technology is a proprietary application of EMF technology that discriminates the moisture conditions on the wood surface, so those conditions do not skew the readings as they can with many moisture meters. With IntelliSense™ technology, you get an accurate picture of the true moisture content of the wood without having to rely on pins that will damage the surface of the wood by creating unsightly holes while providing only very localized (near the pins) moisture content. IntelliSense™ technology goes beyond surface conditions ON the wood to deliver accurate measurements of moisture conditions IN the wood. With IntelliSense™ technology, you can confidently take fast, reliable and accurate moisture measurements for all your woodworking or wood flooring projects.

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