How do the Rapid RH® 5.0 Smart Sensor differ from the Rapid RH® 4.0 EX Smart Sensor?

The 4.0EX single-use sensors are the most popular RH test on the market due to their ease of use, low cost and simplified documentation requirements. The 5.0 retains many of the easy to use features of the 4.0 and is reusable. Due to the fact that it is reusable, regular calibration checks and extra documentation are required per the F2170 Standard.

The innovative EasyCare CalCheck® makes the Rapid RH® 5.0 the easiest-to-use reusable sensor on the market, but since it’s reusable, ASTM F2170 requires calibration verifications within 30 days of each use. Additionally, the 5.0 sensor must be rebuilt every 12 months.

The 4.0 is the RH test of choice for most contractors and testing agencies to whom time is money, and would like to minimize man-hours required for testing and documentation.

The 5.0 is the RH test of choice for those who specialize in doing significant amounts of RH testing or laboratories.

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