Is there equipment that can easily measure the ambient temperature conditions above a concrete slab?

The Rapid RH® Bluetooth® Smart Reader comes with a built-in temperature and humidity sensor that measures the ambient air above the slab. Readings are collected via one of our smart device apps. Our DataMaster™ app then seamlessly integrates these readings into your reports automatically.

If you do not have a Bluetooth® Smart Reader, another option would be to purchase a thermo-hygrometer such as the TH-200 Thermo-Hygrometer.

The ASTM F2170 standard mandates that RH testing of the concrete slab and the occupied air space above the slab be at service conditions for a minimum of 48 hours before testing and for the entire 72 hours during testing. Therefore, it is very crucial that these ambient conditions are known and documented when testing for complete moisture in the concrete, and before installing a susceptible floor covering.