How does one use the Rapid RH® Digital pH Meter?

Calibrate unit before each use

  1. Open the 7.0 pH calibration solution, which comes with the kit.
  2. Put the sensor into the calibration solution bottle.
  3. Press the calibration button.
  4. When sensor stops flashing, the sensor is calibrated to 7.0 pH
  5. Pull sensor out, rinse in distilled/deionized water, and wipe off
  6. Repeat with a 10.01 pH solution, so you have a 2 point calibration.

pH testing of concrete

  1. Start with a clean area of concrete, and put a one-inch spot of deionized water on the concrete. Let sit 60 seconds.
  2. Place probe of the meter on water spot.
  3. Check that the digital pH reading of the concrete is not more than the manufacturer’s guidelines for the adhesive of the specific finished floor product.
  4. Clean probe with distilled/deionized water and put back into the protective cap and the hardshell case.