Still getting relative humidity (RH) reading of 99%. What to do?

Geographic Location

  • Humid regions can influence the relative humidity (RH) in concrete
  • Rooms with high humidity make it difficult for moisture to escape concrete

Date that the Slab was Poured

  • Fresh slabs take time to dry out (ideal drying conditions: 1 month for every inch of slab thickness)
  • Older pours might not have a vapor barrier – moisture might be coming up from the ground

Room Does Not Have HVAC Running

  • HVAC systems pull moisture out of a room
  • Mitigation services specialize in pulling large amounts of moisture out of rooms
  • HVAC systems are important in establishing and maintaining consistent ambient temperature and RH%
  • Moisture more easily leaves concrete when the air is warmer than the slab

Room is Colder than Concrete Slab

  • Moisture will stay in the concrete if the slab is warmer than the air

You may want to look into Moisture Mitigation. However, it can be time-consuming and costly.

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