Does my Wagner Meters Handheld Moisture Meter ever require readjustment or need to be calibrated?

Wagner's new Orion® line of handheld pinless wood moisture meters are exclusive in the industry as the only meters that can be truly calibrated on site, wherever you are, in about a minute. Not to be confused with a "calibration reference" offered by other manufacturers to only indicate how far your meter is off calibration, Wagner's "On-Demand Calibrator" is what it says; a simple easy way to bring your Orion wood moisture meter back to the original factory calibration. There is no need to send the meter back to us for calibration. Click here to watch a video about the quick and easy on-site calibration process

If you own an MMC220, MMI1100, MMC205, or MMC210 and have any questions concerning calibration, please call the Wagner Meters Support Team worldwide toll-free at (541) 582-0541.